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Great Austin Neighborhoods without HOA’s

For many home buyers, HOAs (homeowners associations) play a big role when it comes to buying a new house. Ask two different homeowners what they think about living in a community with a HOA and you are likely to see one of them scowl and the other one smile. The difference of opinion on HOAs depends on several factors, including individual personalities and the quality of a particular HOA. Low maintenance, community appearance, recreational amenities and association management are just a few of the reasons a buyer would choose to purchase a home within an HOA. However, homeowners who live in an HOA must abide by its rules and pay a monthly, quarterly or annual fee. And keep in mind that not all HOAs are created equal and rules and fees vary. On the flip side, following someone else’s rules and being told how to live in your own home is enough to make some buyers run. The idea that a management association could potentially tell you that you can’t park your car in front of your property and you can’t paint your front door that fabulous bright yellow color you love so much or have any dogs over 20 lbs is an absolute deal-breaker. As with anything, an argument can be made for both sides. Regardless of whether HOA’s make you scowl or smile, you’ll want to keep the list below handy. Knowing which Austin neighborhoods have an HOA and which do not is helpful to buyers as they embark on their search for a new place to call home.

BeeCave Woods
Austin Lake Estates
Austin Lake Hills
Balcones Park
Cardinal Hills Estates
Cherry Creek
Maple Run
Tanglewood Forest
Texas Oaks
Windmill Run
Mesa Park
Scofield Farms
Barrington Oaks

Whether you are looking to live within a HOA or without a HOA, we can help you narrow down your search so you aren’t wasting any time.

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