There's More to St. Patty's Day Than Green Attire, Shamrocks and Beer. Who Knew?

There’s More to St. Patty’s Day Than Green Attire, Shamrocks and Beer. Who Knew?

How much do you really know about St. Patrick’s Day? Turns out I don’t know much. This morning my 8 year old asked, “Who is Patrick and why do people wear green for this holiday?” Um, well…I believe Patrick was known for running all of the snakes out of Ireland and green is popular because it’s one of the colors on the flag of Ireland. She was not impressed. I think her exact words were “epic fail.”  I jokingly told her I do much better with multiple choice questions. Ten minutes later she brought me a St. Patty’s Day quiz and a pencil. Wow, lucky me. While I didn’t answer all of them correctly, I was pleased with my test results. Take the quiz below to find out how much you really know about this green-hued holiday.

  1. In Ireland, what does the color green stand for?
    1. spring
    2. countryside
    3. hope
  2. According to legend, if you catch a Leprechaun, what should you never do
    1. kiss him
    2. take your eyes off him
    3. tell your friends
  3. What colors are on the Irish flag?
    1. green, white, orange
    2. blue, red, white
    3. green, red, white
  4. What is March 17th?
    1. St. Patrick’s birthday
    2. the day St. Patrick died
    3. none of the above
  5. What is a shillelagh?
    1. Leprechaun’s outfit
    2. wooden pipe
    3. short, stout, oak club
  6. What symbol stands for St. Patrick’s Day?
    1. snake
    2. shamrock
    3. egg


Answers: c, b, a, b, c, b


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