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The Oldham Group recently sold properties on Singleton in East Austin and Gallant Fox in Southwest Austin at $200,000 over list price.

The Austin Business Journal published an article earlier this week that indicated situations like this were more common of Austin than they have ever been.  

1. A new report indicated that in April, 74% of houses in the Austin area sold for more than the asking price. 

2. In 2021, more than 1,500 homes sold for at least $100,000 over asking, At this time last year, just  22 homes had sold with that kind of markup. 72 Austin-area homes sold for $300,000 or more over asking price so far in 2021. 

3. The average price hike after bidding is $35,000 area-wide, or about 9% over list price — which is similar to what many professionals are seeing, and 20% in lower prices and/or hotter areas. 

So are buyers overpaying??? 

Probably not. Just after The Oldham Group sold homes at recording breaking prices, new homes in the neighborhood came on the market even higher. Proving that demand is still strong and buyers, in such a competitive environment are doing whatever it takes to win the deal. 

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Property Tax Relief

Austin City Council members on June 10 unanimously voted to double the city’s homestead property tax exemption, one week after members approved a separate increase in exemptions for senior and disabled city homeowners.

Through the ordinance passed by council via consent, the city’s previous 10% homestead tax exemption was lifted to 20%, meaning property owners will receive a 20% reduction on their appraised value if they reside in the home.

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