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Courtney Oldham

I often get asked if I write these newsletters…the answer is YES, I do! They are a reflection of me and what I’m seeing in the market. They are designed to help you understand market trends and provide some insights on what’s happening in Austin.

I hope this publication sparks questions and ultimately ends up connecting us in conversation about your real estate goals.

This week I’ve been listening to the Brené Brown podcast so I’m diving into the emotional side of real estate. I think it’s important to acknowledge the wave of uncertainty in the market and how our emotions influence our real estate behaviors.

Real Estate Emotions


Market corrections happen fast leaving us little time to adjust or get acclimated. This can lead to confusion and feeling that things are are no longer predictable or within our control.

For some buyers, this fearful feeling leads to paralysis. They sit on the fence afraid of making a mistake or jumping in too soon. Many times sellers fear that the market will reject their property. They feel stressed and start down the path worst-case scenario thinking.

2. Get Still & Get Clear
3. Ask for Help
4. Stay Curious & Be Patient

Generally speaking, people don’t make great decisions when they are stressed and anxious…so the first step is to take a big deep breath!
It’s important to get still and clear about your real estate goals. Try not to get hung up on where interest rates were last month or where prices were 3 months ago – instead focus on your family and what is the best next step for you today.

It’s very difficult to navigate the real estate market on your own – you need an experienced professional that can help you stay objective, educate you on the market, create a strategy that meets your needs and ultimately navigate you through intricacies of contracts and negotiation.

A transitioning market is a dynamic market. Competitive properties come on the market almost daily and pricing changes quickly. Stay curious and be willing to adapt in order to be successful in a changing environment. For sellers in particular, this type of market is an exercise in patience because buyers need more time to make decisions.

SALES HAPPEN…even in a shifting marketing. You can SELL and you can find the right home, but the strategies and tactics change. Let’s do it together.

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Featured Listings

It’s football season…and boots are a gameday wardrobe staple! City Boots are the perfect way to add both style and comfort to your look! City Boots is “On a Mission to Create the Perfect Cowboy Boot.” Our friends at Sparrow Gifts and Interiors are hosting a “Deep in the Heart of Texas” party on Friday, September 9th from 1-5. Stop by and see all of their vendors including City Boots


1705 Cuernavaca Dr N, Austin, TX 78733

For over 50 years the Patrizi family has been cooking from tried and true recipes from the old country. They strive to bring authentic Italian fare to the bustling Austin food scene. With  fresh pasta pulled to order, homemade sauces, and friendly atmosphere. MORE



Every Saturday, 9 – 11 a.m. at rotating locations, the Music on the Trail series sponsored by H-E-B! The Trail Foundation has hired over 180 musicians to play this series since it kicked off in 2020. Come find your next new favorite local band! 

Locations and musicians will be posted on TTF website so be sure to check back to see where we’ll be next. TTF



The Texas Longhorns will take the field in their home opener on Saturday at 7:00 PM. They’ll play the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks. T

he excitement for the game is building within the team, across the 40 acres and throughout Austin. There are always high expectations for the Longhorns and this year they’re ready to deliver! TICKETS

Happy Labor Day


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