Amy K.

The entire Oldham group is amazing. We actually met Courtney while trolling through an open house in our current neighborhood. At that time we were not looking to buy or sell our house. We set up an initial meeting with Courtney and she gave us some great pointers on how to “get ready” for the next step. Once we took the plunge, it went better than expected. Gena became our buying agent and Courtney was our selling agent. It worked great! Gena was so patient and never pushed us into a quick purchase. She even stopped by our current house to get a sense of the type of house we were looking to move into next. I don’t know how they do it but I always felt like they had time for my questions, house viewings, and random phone calls. Even though I am super excited about our new home, I am a little sad not to be working with them each week. I highly recommend them for either buying or selling your property. Thanks so much, Oldham Group!

Thank you for your interest, we will be in touch shortly!

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